Announcing an all new event

Stars Over Texas Music Festival

Event Date:
Sunday, October 9, 2022
New Event Date:

Hi Night Lighters!

A couple of things about us…

1) We LOVE coming to Texas and 2) We especially LOVE coming to Texas Motorplex!

We’ve teamed up with Texas Motorplex and the Stampede of Speed to create something really special for y’all. It’s time to saddle up for…

Stars Over Texas

Stars Over Texas is a music festival featuring an epic lantern release by yours truly, Night Lights Events!

With incredible music from Brett Young, Wade Bowen, Shane Smith & The Saints, Elvie Shane, and Kylie Frey, it’s going to be a  ✨stellar✨ (pun intended) night!

The musical line-up is just the tip of this very Texan iceberg.

The day will begin with exclusive access to Texas’ best—a Jambo-sponsored BBQ Shootout and attendees will choose the winner. Enjoy a free ice-cold drink from the Beer Expo, featuring some of the best craft beer Texas has to offer.

Beyond BBQ and beer, there will be professional bull riding, exhibition racing, and, of course, something for the kiddos too!

To round out this perfect round-up of a day, Night Lights will be sponsoring a lantern launch, complete with all of the magic you’d expect from any Night Lights Event.

There will be motors, music, and magic, all under that perfect Texas sky!

Access to all of the above is waiting for you at the button below.

See y’all there!

More info…

A little confused? Here’s how our Texas events will go this October:

October 1st: Classic Night Lights Event at Texas Motorplex

October 9th: Stars Over Texas Music Festival featuring a Night Lights Event lantern release


I already bought tickets to Night Lights on October 1st. What if I want to attend Stars Over Texas on October 9th instead?

While both of these events will be tons of fun, we understand if you’d like to change dates. All you have to do is click here to purchase tickets to the Stars Over Texas event, then take a screenshot of your Stars Over Texas tickets or confirmation email, and click here to send it to us using this form. We will refund your Night Lights tickets for October 1st as soon as we receive confirmation that you purchased tickets for Stars Over Texas.

I bought my Night Lights Event tickets on Black Friday or another promo. Why can’t I get the same deal on these tickets?

Stars Over Texas is more than just a lantern event. While we have been asked to take part in this event, Stars Over Texas is not hosted by Night Lights Event. It's an entirely different event with a separate ticket purchasing process.

Will there be a lantern release at Stars Over Texas?

YES! The Night Lights lantern release will be the cherry on top of an already amazing day!

Can I attend the Night Lights Event AND Stars Over Texas?

Of course! You just need to purchase tickets to both events.

If you need additional assistance:

If you need to contact our support team, you can reach out to us by clicking the button below to open a support ticket. We will be working through all requests as quickly as possible and in the order they are received.

Thank you in advance for being friendly with our team. :) We’re committed to providing a magical experience at Night Lights and look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for your support!