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Hello, Night Lighters!

The fire warnings this weekend and our plan:

As you may have heard, the State of Utah recently issued several fire restrictions. We’ve had a lot of questions, DM’s, and emails about whether our event is still on, and our plan of action to hold a safe event.

» We are still holding our event this weekend. «

A few things for you to know about how we organize these events:

  • We are working closely with local and state fire authorities, and they are actively involved in our permitting and approval process. 
  • We trust their judgment and expertise and are following all guidelines they have put in place for us.
  • Because weather & fire conditions can change quickly, we always have the proper fire & safety authorities ON-SITE at our event providing real-time guidance and advice up to and during our launch.   

A few details to know about our plan for this weekend:

  • We’ve held our event at this location for a number of years. The current location has been vetted by fire authorities because it is especially safe and out of distance of fire danger areas. Local fire authorities deem the space to be controllable and accessible. 
  • When we hold the event, we have fire authorities on-site. Before our launch, we send up several test lanterns and fire teams are staged around the landing area. Only then are we given permission to start the communal launch. 
  • The lanterns only contain a SMALL fuel cell, and this fuel cell burns up entirely — this is what causes the lanterns to fall out of the sky and they only travel in a small and accessible radius around the venue — in other words, they mostly end up in a gravel lot. :)
  • Each and every lantern is accounted for and we have a team of lantern chasers that pick them all up following the event. 

» This Saturday is going to be HOT. «

This weekend will be hot! It’s forecasted to be 97 during the day and a low of 66 at night. We have pushed the gate opening time for this weekend back ONE HOUR so we don’t have to be in the heat as long.

The gates will open this Saturday at 6:00 PM.

By early evening it should be beautiful and perfect.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We’ve worked with the venue to allow SEALED WATER BOTTLES and SOFT COOLERS with ICE. We encourage you to bring these!
  • They will not allow un-sealed bottles in the venue, and they won’t allow large, hard coolers.
  • We’ll have extra bottles of water available for purchase at the event.  
  • Small snacks, sandwiches, etc will be allowed and are encouraged but please don’t bring in take-out or outside meals.

We’re excited about a fun, safe, and beautiful launch this weekend!

Warmest Wishes,
The Night Lights Team