Night Lights is coming to Maple Grove Raceway!

New Event Date:

Hi Night Lighters!

As you know, it takes a lot of people to align in order for our events to happen. From the city & township, to the local authorities, venues, and vendors…

We’re happy to announce that we’ve crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” and we are officially launching ticket sales for our event at Maple Grove Raceway!

We’ll be at Maple Grove Raceway on Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th, 2023.

🎟️  Pre-Season Ticket Sales  🎟️

Since we’re getting a late jump on this event, we are doing something wild…

We usually open up pre-season special pricing for our events, but for this event we’re launching all of our holiday sales back-to-back!


Want to celebrate Black Friday, the Holidays, and Valentine’s all over again?

Because we know all of you have been waiting for that Black Friday pricing, we will offer this to you first, then Holiday and Valentine’s pricing when those are sold out.

Each ticket has very limited quantity, and once they’re sold out, the next best pricing will be available.


Ticket sales are live now. Jump on it to get the best possible price on your tix.

Click HERE to buy tickets for Saturday.

Click HERE to buy tickets for Sunday.

Thank you for your support!