Night Lights Sky Lantern Festival

A Moment You'll Never Forget

Find an event near you. We can't wait to see you under the lantern-filled skies!

You'll never forget your first sky lantern festival.

Or your second... or third, or ninth.

It's an experience you'll want to share with your friends and family... and you'll all want to come back again and again.

Join us for a truly magical experience.

Night Lights is a bucket list item, right in your backyard. From the live music to the campfires and lantern release, it's an event you'll remember for a long, long time.

About Night Lights
Light the night's skY

How would you describe it?

"Seriously...WOW! This was such a bucket list experience for me and my entire family. I can't wait to do it again!"

Hanna b.

What happens to all the lanterns?

Our mission is to leave each venue cleaner than we found it — this means that our team heads out after each event with the mission of collecting every single lantern. We also clean up any trash we find along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe and legal?
We've worked closely with both state and local officials, as well as fire marshals, to ensure our event is executed safely and legally — especially with regard to the lighting and releasing of lanterns. Night Lights has received a permit for lighting and releasing lanterns. (In most places, this practice is illegal unless you have a permit in place.)

The lanterns that Night Lights use are specially-designed. They are 100% biodegradable, flame retardant, and have a fuel cell with a quicker burn time designed to fully burn out before returning to the earth's surface.
Doesn't this make a lot of trash?
The lanterns that we use are above industry standards and have been scientifically created and tested to leave no footprint. The lanterns are 100% biodegradable, flame retardant, and contain a fuel cell designed to fully burn out before the lantern returns to the earth's surface.

Each event is equipped with an experienced staff of lantern chasers who retrieve and gather sky lanterns for 48 hours after the event to ensure grounds are left clean and undisturbed.
What happens before the launch?
Outside food policy is determined by the venue, not us. Sealed water is allowed but coolers are not. Across all Night Lights locations, there will be an array of food trucks, beer and wine gardens, and s'mores kits available for purchase.
What should I bring?
We recommend bringing camp chairs and blankets. Sun shades are nice if you plan on arriving earlier in the day. Strollers and wagons are ok, but the venue doesn't allow coolers. Also we don't allow pets or dogs unless they are a service animal.
Does everyone in my group need a ticket?
Children 6 and under are free and don't need a ticket to enter the event. All attendees age 7 and up will need a ticket to enter the event. Your ticket includes admission to the event area and your lantern kit. We don't offer or sell spectator passes.
How can I get the best deal on my tickets?
Our tickets work on a time & quantity tier system. This means that our ticket prices increase as we get closer to the event. Basically, this means that the price you see now is most likely the lowest the prices will be for the rest of the season. We like to reward our customers for buying their tickets early. :)

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