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Creative Collaborations

We are passionate about empowering content creators and artists across the country. If you are a blogger, photographer, or videographer interested in coming to the event and collaborating, pitch us at! Please include your social media handle, examples of your work, and your location of choice.

Corporate Sponsorships

We welcome corporate partnerships and collaborations with the right brand or business. Let's begin the conversation

Press Access

For press access, please contact our media department at with your requests. Include relevant links to your publication, a timeline if applicable, and the Night Lights location you're interested in.


We love working with local charities and groups to support great causes and facilitate access to our events. The best way to reach out is to email at least 2 months prior to our event. Please email: and include relevant links to your group, a timeline if applicable (auctions, fundraising events, etc) and the Night Lights location you're interested in.


Thank you for your interest! We shop local. We consider it a priority to support local vendors and businesses at every Night Lights event. Please email: and include your location of interest, your business, and any other information you feel is relevant (website, social media, photos). Questions regarding event details or support must be directed to our support form and will not be received here.


If you are an individual looking to volunteer some of your time in exchange for admittance, fill out our Volunteer Form here.

We offer both individual and group opportunities. If you are part of an organization and would like more information on how to cover the bulk of our needs with volunteers, fill out our form.

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