About Us

A little bit about who we are and why we do this...

What's this event about?

The founder of our event was first inspired by the traditional lantern festival in Chiang Mai when he was living in Thailand, and he wanted to bring this community-driven experience to the United States.

Alongside local lantern launches, we support local businesses by hiring small food trucks and entertainers, and we feature musical talent because nothing brings people together like a show!

For us, these events are about more than just releasing a lantern into the sky, watching for a few minutes, and going home— it's an opportunity to connect with people we'd otherwise never meet, establish intentions and let go of our worries as we decorate our sky lantern, and interact with the traditions of cultures other than our own.

What do the lanterns symbolize?

In the Thai tradition, the release of sky lanterns is said to be symbolic of releasing negativity and worries. It is considered good luck and a sign of renewal.

At Night Lights, we find that the intention and emotion behind each participant's lantern is an intimate decision. Each lantern's meaning is unique and equally important, which is why we include a marker so each participant can make their lantern their own.

Why do people attend Night Lights?

Thousands of Night Lighters write their stories on the spines of our sky lanterns and create memories that will last a lifetime, whether it be an engagement, a family milestone, or the remembrance of a loss.

You’ll see people cry, pose, pop the question, and celebrate under the lantern-lit skies. You’ll hear joyous laughter and squeals of glee as lanterns are carried together in epic waves of love and light. This is a community event for everyone.

What inspired Night Lights?

The founder of our event was first inspired by the traditional lantern festival in Chiang Mai when he was living in Thailand. The Chiang Mai festival is an ancient tradition that has inspired millions across the globe.

Traveling to one of those festivals can be extremely expensive and isn’t often accessible to everyone. That's why our founder created Night Lights, a unique take on this spiritual custom that invites everyone to share in and enjoy the magic.

We travel across the US and set up our outdoor festival in the heart of communities to bring them closer together. You don't have to travel across the world to find yourself— magic can be found right in your backyard, at Night Lights.

Are you legitimate?

Definitely! You can look us up on Instagram and Facebook to verify we are legitimate and we have held many successful events in more than 10 different cities, year after year since 2018, with tens of thousands of happy attendees.
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